Pick of the Week: March 7, 2012

Pam Rosenthal’s The Edge of Impropriety is a decadent gourmet feast of a romance novel.  I savored every word of this beautifully wrought book and highly recommend it.  Marina and Jasper embark on an affair that is to last the length of the London Season and no longer.  They establish strict boundaries, agreeing to keep the affair private from the world and their everyday lives private from each other.  And while they both have pasts that could be problematic hurdles to a lasting relationship, as they develop feelings for one another they forget why such rules were established between them in the first place.  Marina and Jasper are world-weary cynics with little faith in romantic love and the unexpected happiness they find in the relationship is wonderful but scary to them both.  I loved this novel so much I plan to read Ms. Rosenthal’s entire backlist – praise indeed!


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