Pick of the Week: March 28, 2012

In Cathy Maxwell’s The Earl Claims His Wife Gillian has given up on her marriage.  While her husband Brian has taken care of her financially he has been totally unavailable in every way that matters: his love and attention go to his mistress.  At the beginning of the story Gillian has fallen in love with a new man and plans to find a way to divorce her husband so they can be together.  However, Brian finally sees Gillian for the strong, smart, loving woman she is and has no intention of letting her go.  I enjoyed reading about how these two characters resolved their problems and found love.  I have read quite a few romance novels in which the hero has hurt the heroine in such a way I was never able to forgive him for and not able to believe the heroine would either.  When I started this novel I thought that might be the case with Brian.  I am happy to report that isn’t the case at all – Ms. Maxwell has created a sympathetic character who redeems himself and is ultimately very loveable.  I really enjoyed The Earl Claims His Wife and definitely recommend this heartwarming romance.


  1. Hey Evelyn!

    I never read Cathy Maxwell, but I’m not sure I should start with this one. It’s very hard to forgive a hero who willingly abandons his marriage, and a heroine that falls in love with another man. Ashley March’s ‘ROMANCING THE COUNTESS had a premise similar to this one, and I forgave the hero only because he dismissed his mistress six months before, as he realized his deep feelings for his wife. Still, infidelity is something it’s not so easy to accept, forgive and forget in romance novels, and this coming from someone who lived through it in real life.

    Great recommend and I’ll think about it, but I want to know more from you :)

    You mentioned ‘redemption’ and without giving too much (which I LOVE in all your recommends; your ability to give us ‘just the right amount of bate’ is unparalleled) can you tell me what could possibly redeem the Dude?!



    • Hi Melanie –

      Thanks for your comment and the lovely compliment! I don’t think there is any reason not to read this one first if you haven’t read Cathy Maxwell before. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can explain more without spoiling the book. I will say the conflict worked for me and Gillian and Brian reconnect in a way that I found believable and lovely. I find I prefer romance novels in which the conflict is emotional and between the protagonists. I am usually not as interested in a story with an external conflict (so, for example, the need to battle a third party villain).

      I’ll see you at bookworm2bookworm’s Blog on Sunday!

      XOXO – Evelyn

    • Evelyn–Thank you for giving THE EARL CLAIMS HIS WIFE a chance. I like looking at love in all its aspects. Trust is the very foundation of a marriage. If trust is not there in the beginning, can it be earned? Can two people admit mistakes and try again? It was a challenging book to write. And a very human one. BTW, the follow up is Andres’s story–HIS CHRISTMAS PLEASURE. We can leave Andres out in the cold, can we?

      All my best,

      • Cathy –

        Thanks for the comment! I love stories that take on complicated emotional issues and I can imagine that The Earl Claims His Wife was a challenge to write – you pulled it off beautifully! I haven’t had a chance to read His Christmas Pleasure yet but it’s already on my kindle and I’m looking forward to reading Andres’ story.

        XOXO – Evelyn

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