Pick of the Week: May 30, 2012

Maya Rodale’s novel The Tattooed Duke is the third in her Writing Girl Series.  Eliza Fielding’s job as a writing girl at The London Weekly is not secure – she hasn’t written anything worthy of publication in ages.  So when the notorious Sebastian Digby, Duke of Wycliff returns to London she knows she must be the one to get the scoop.  She acquires a job in his house as a maid and is soon writing the most popular column in town: The Tattooed Duke.  The column is the bane of Sebastian’s existence – he needs funding for a dreamed-of expedition to Timbuktu and the salacious gossip about him is ruining his chances – why would anyone invest money in such a wild and seemingly unreliable man?  Sparks fly between Eliza and Sebastian, but they obviously have quite a conflict – in addition to all the secrets and lies, Eliza’s professional ambitions run in diametric opposition to her feelings for Sebastian, while his need to explore is in opposition to settling down.  Ms. Rodale’s novel is a lot of fun and I wouldn’t want to spoil it, so you’ll just have to get your hands on a copy to see how these two characters work it out.  Happy reading, everyone!

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