Pick of the Week: July 18, 2012

Mary Balogh is one of my favorite authors and I found her novel The Proposal very satisfying.  Gwen and Hugo fall in love despite the fact that neither thinks they have a future together.  They each have ideas about what they are looking for and neither thinks the other qualifies.  There are straight forward surface reasons, such as the fact that they are from different social classes.  There are also murkier reasons – Gwen, for example, thinks she must sacrifice passion for peace, and after a tortured first marriage she highly values the idea of tranquility.  But all Gwen’s and Hugo’s intellectual reasoning cannot seem to squelch their feelings for each other.  I love romance novels in which the conflict is within the romance (as opposed to some external battle with a third-party villain) and Mary Balogh has yet again delivered exactly that.  The emotional journeys each Gwen and Hugo travel are believable, interesting and moving.  As always, I will really look forward to Ms. Balogh’s next book!

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