Pick of the Week: April 17, 2013

The Importance of Being WickedVictoria Alexander’s The Importance of Being Wicked tells the tale of Winfield Elliott and Miranda Garrett.  Win is known to be a womanizing rascal whose wild reputation precedes him.  Miranda is a quiet, serious, sensible-shoe-wearing widow.  But neither is exactly what they appear to be.  Win may have a bit of a past, but he is a hard-working, responsible traditionalist.  And while only a very few people know it, Miranda is a trail-blazing, opinionated, independent woman.  Win hires Miranda’s late husband’s architectural firm to rebuild his family’s ancestral home after a fire.  He is shocked when a woman turns out to be managing the job.  Miranda has always been the talent behind the firm’s success, but knows she can’t risk the firm’s future by revealing that scandalous fact.  Miranda and Win challenge and irritate each other, yet each clearly sees the other – and they both appreciate what they see.  Circumstances are such that they must spend quite a bit of time together and before they know it, they’ve fallen in love.  This novel is delightful: the story is snappy fun and the characters are sharp, charming, witty, and loveable.  I really enjoyed reading The Importance of Being Wicked and bet you will too.

Pick of the Week: December 21, 2011

Victoria Alexander’s His Mistress by Christmas is a warm holiday romance.  Veronica Smithson is a wealthy widow, values her independence and sees no benefit in marriage, but she would like to become Sebastian Hadley-Attwater’s mistress.  Sebastian, on the other hand, wants to marry Veronica and is not at all pleased with the idea.  He decides, however, to do things her way while he attempts to change her mind, and invites her to spend a quiet Christmas with him in the country.  Things go awry when their families unexpectedly show up to celebrate the holiday.  I am a longtime fan of Ms. Alexander and this book did not disappoint.  The characters are lovable and fun, the book moves at a snappy clip, and I just love a holiday romance in which Christmas plays a big part of the story and holiday cheer flavors the whole atmosphere of this novel.  And with that, I end this post wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with love and bookshelves filled with romance!